• 58
  • Bakı
  • 08/06/2021
  • Şəhər Bakı
  • Kateqoriya Tərcüməçi
  • Maaş Razılaşdırma yolu ilə
  • Yaş 18 - 65 yaş
  • Təhsil Bakalavr
  • İş təcrübəsi 1 - 3 il
  • Nahar verilir Xeyr
  • Sığorta olunur Xeyr
  • Dil bilikləri Azərbaycan dili Türk dili İngilis Dili Rus dili Alman dili Çin dili Fransız dili İspan dili
  • Elanın tarixi 08/06/2021
  • Bitmə tarixi 08/07/2021

Namizədə tələblər

- Education: Higher education
- Experience: from 1 to 3 years
- Age : 18 - 65
- Able to adapt the text perfectly to the target language
- Excellent knowledge of written languages.
- Fluency or the ability to learn at least one other language.
- Understanding of different cultures.
- Able to work accurately and objectively.
- Enterprise and research skills.
- Able to protect privacy.
- Broad general information.
- Awareness of the Evolution of Language.
- Attention to details.
- Ability to Accept Criticism.
- Time management skills.
- At least 2 years of work experience
Job Responsibilities:
- Translate messages, live speeches, voice recordings and documents fe, with careful attention to providing proper context, meaning, tone and technical wording
- Collaborate with colleagues to compile helpful information, including terms and definitions, into an organized glossary for regular reference during the translation process
- Honor outlined ethical codes to ensure sensitive and confidential information remains secure and protected
- Identify terms and words with conflicting meanings to determine which alternative provides clarity and reflects the original purpose of the message.
- Verify, modify and edit translations to compensate for discrepancies in technical terms and to guarantee that the final content is consistent with original material
- Consult dictionaries, encyclopedias and terminology compilations to remain educated and current with the meaning of words and phrases.
- Document changes to translated materials, and maintain an orderly method for filing data for reference later on
Working conditions:
- Freelance or full-time
- Salary based on the interview, by agreement
If our conditions are suitable for you and you want to do a very interesting job, send your CV to our email address right now!
After Sending your English CV to our email check your email for more info.
* Please make sure you've sent your ENGLISH RESUME/CV to our email with your JOB TITLE "Translator” for our Reference in your Email Subject.

İş haqqında məlumat

“Recruitment Solutions” LLC invites candidates to apply for the position of “Translator” as a “full-time” or “freelancer” and become a member of a professional team.
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Your main task will be the translation of texts in the languages that you know. If you are fluent in any languages, be sure to mention it in your application or CV form.